It is interested how there is an article on mashup this week about top twitter trends. This just shows how much these sites are taking over our everyday lives. People have started to dedicate articles about what is the best thing on twitter. This allowing people to find out what everyone around them loves to search on these site. It shows how important twitter is starting to sadly become in peoples lives.

This weeks top twitter trends are as follows. Justin Bieber has taken on the top spot once again for most tweeted topic showing how this young singers popularity keeps growing. Follow Friday is number 2, Astrology is number 3, 4. Was lech Kaczynsk due to the fact this weekend sadly this polish president and his wife along with other government members were killed in a plane crash. This is a sad way to learn news but shows another way twitter is becoming involved in every day life, retweet is 5, Kush and orange juice 6, Glee 7, number 9 was UK Parliament another one I find interesting preparing for a television debate in May. Government facts and news are becoming part of this twitter sensation.

I find it interesting how vast the categories are of top tweets this week. We have pop stars to random words to government showing how much really occurs on this social network site. You can just be having fun, stalking a pop star, or keeping up to date with any government around the world and twitter has all the information with easy access.

Business Foreclosures in Winter Park
What we know:
In the last three years that we have been at Rollins many businesses close by have closed. Urban Flats, Ole Ole, The Beauty Spot, Douglas and Strollos are just a few that came to mind.
What we need to find out:
All the businesses that have close in a one-mile radius in the last three years.
How we plan on doing this:
Visit a realtors office or the Winter Park Town Hall and ask for records that state all the places that have closed.
What we are going to do with the information:
Put it on a google map and take pictures of all the places that have closed and link he pictures to the map. We may also put a walking path to show how to get to these places from Rollins. We can also categorize them by restaurants, shops, etc.
4/15 – Visit the realtor’s office and/or town hall and try to get the information we need for our project
4/20 – Go and take the pictures we need for our map
4/26 – Put everything together on the map and finalize our project

Whose Twitter Followers Are Dumber? [Apps] from
Twitter is taking over so much that in a recent article in mashable it was mentioned how a new device was created to measure the mental capacity of a person through there tweets. It measures your intelligence by how you word your tweet from exclamation points to the newly abbreviations we use so much on the web such as ttyl, fml, and omg. It was originally created to discover how stupid followers are of celebrities but is said that it can also be used on people’s own twitters.
I think this is ridiculous because many people who do say stuff on twitter do not speak how they normally would in writing or conversation. People have created these abbreviations to make it easier to get messages across on the Internet. With twitters limited 140 characters it required people to seem “dumber” because they need to rely there information in a shorter form usually conforming to the recently years created forms of internet abbreviations.

Winter Park New England Ave Eateries in a larger map

This is my google map of New England Ave. Follow the Path to see how to walk from Rollins college. Click the markers to see photos of these yummy places!

In class we discussed the facebook lawsuit. Facebook Creator Mark Zuckerberg was being sued by an ex-classmate who claimed he stole the idea of the social networking site and just changed the name. They paid him $65m to end the long lasting law suit. They claimed he stole the business design when they were all students at Harvard originally called ConnectU. ConnectU was launched 3 months after facebook but struggled.
This lawsuit is interesting because it shows the background and problems huge corporations and go through. This lawsuit is a familiar claim that is heard a lot. I was surprised in class when this was mentioned because I had not heard about it. Being that facebook is the New it thing and so world wide I would of thought this lawsuit would have got much more press that it did either on sites such as twitter and facebook since we get so much of what is going on from those sites. Its interesting how an issue about social networking stayed out of the social networking world.

For our solution we decided we need to bring more awareness to this problem. In order to do this we believe we need to get the word out about cyberstalking on college campuses. We believe we can do this by making flyers and putting them in all the bathroom stalls on campus. We could make posters and hang them in the campus center and library. We also want to create a student support group for kids to feel comfortable going to who have been stalked. We want to create an event to warn people about stalking and involve greek life, freshman rccs to make it a required event to attend. We would create a simulation to show how serious cyberstalking is. There is a lot of information that people are unaware of how often and serious of an issue stalking is especially among the internet and college kids. We also discussed making grey ribbons to help support national stalking awareness month.  The more people are aware of cyberstalking the more we get the message out the more it can be prevented. 

  1. What is the Problem?

-Stalking of women occurs through the social media

-It can cause all health issues such as mental and physical issues after instances occur.

– It occurs frequently

-Stalking is hard to stop from occurring

-Stalking becomes life consuming you have to change your phone number address and other aspects of your life after discovering being stalked.

B. Who are the Stakeholders in the problem?

Women, men, friends, family, law enforcement, schools and work place are all involved in women and stalking issues.  Good Guys- Friends, family, law enforcement.  Bad Guys- Women, men, workplace depending if it’s involved.

C. Structural Issues enforcing the inequity of the problem- the problem of women and stalking can be overlooked by the law until it gets to a certain degree. Restraining orders can be issued but may or may not help and only in extreme circumstances. The repercussions in issues with women and stalking aren’t severe enough.

D. Dominant ideology enforcing the inequity underlying the problem- Social networking more important than risks comes along with it; Stalking has become easier since social networks have gained popularity all information now available. Is it worth the risk? This brings about privacy issues of how someone can protect themselves when using these sites.  People have become much more trusting we meet people and give out our phone number without thinking.

E. Brainstorm all assumptions underlying the problem- Being approached / followed on campus.  People put themselves out there so are blamed for asking for it when not. Easy access with the internet and yellow pages.

F. List all current ways the issue is visible. Where is it invisible? – It is visible through emails campus security and the news, smaller groups, phone companies. On college campuses flyers posted in women bathrooms with hot lines to call if stalked.  Available to women but not men. Invisible to the general public, cyber stalking aim still has not been aware of stalking that occurs.

G. Research questions

Laws of Stalking?

After effects stalking?

What happens to stalkers after caught?

How many people are informed?

What is the definition of stalking?

Statistics of stalkers in winter park?

Does it happen certain race, age group, area?

When did stalking start? Did it increase with social networking?

H. The problem of women and stalkers has become a problem due to the new resources that have been created and the easy access we now have to receive information about each other.

In the Article Flickr Changes Lives, Launches Photog Careers had an interested idea. The article discussed how Flickr has been able to transform normal peoples hobbies of photography into careers. Normal people would take photos and upload them to Flickr. They would then see other photos and ask for advice on how and what the photos were shot with. This allowed for many users to gain different tips and expand there knowledge in photography. Many people mentioned in this article are now professional photographers due to what they learned thru flickr.

This is very interesting to me how a social networking site is now becoming an educational system. Normal people without schooling have become professionals and created a career through this social networking site. Social networking sites are changing how we learn knowledge on different topics and about different people. By connecting on these sites including twitter and facebook we are learning more then we can ever imagine expanding our knowledge in many topics we never would have before. It is almost scary how these network sites can turn into a new way of an education system starting with Flickr and its creation of new professional photographers who now own there own studios.  What more will come to this?

Mashable today had an article on dog toy that allows your dog to tweet. This new puppy tweet gives a dog an ability to send twitter updates. It works through the collar and detects when the dog moves or makes any form of noise. It then selects pre written words to post to a twitter as long as it’s in a room with a computer. The tweets are sent through a wireless system by an usb that is plugged into an Internet charter.  They will cost 29.99 when it is launched in the United States.

This article is very interesting because it shows how fast Twitter and Tweeting is taking over our society. Just last year no one really new what a twitter was. I know I didn’t have one. Now everyone is slowly becoming part of the twitter phenomena, tweeting every little thing they do. It shows how addicted people are becoming to these social network sites that they want to invent something so their pets can be a part of the social network takeover as well. As technology gets more advanced people are becoming more and more interested in staying connected at every little moment. Twitter is adding to this ability causing us to have a fast way to know what is going on in the world, follow social issues, or just know what our friends are doing at every awake second of the day. Twitter allows people to tell what you are doing in just a small 140 characters. People are becoming obsessed with this social network site and continuing to find ways to expand the Twitter trend.


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